Privacy Policy

Jervice is an online information platform for Rent Services and Food Services. It's a platform to solve the accomodation problems for students, transferable employees and every users who are searching rooms for rent and food services like tiffins and home delivery. User will get these problem solving informations via Promoters and Publishers on this online medium. Promoters and Publishers upload rent services and food services for thier promotions. They are responsible for their uploading information. We are not forcing them and we are not selling any product on our platform for anyone or anytype.
Currently We are collecting only signup details or informations from the users and publishers/promoters which is a part of authentication process. We don't share these user, publishers, promoters informations with others. This is a portal for promoting rental services and food services in the form of rooms, shop and food. All uploaded stuff and infromations are uploaded with the permissions of Promoters and Publishers.
Advertise which are shown on this portal is from FAB Fashions. FAB Fashions is a creator of Jervice portal, so they shows their own Venture's Advertise, Images, Facebook Page, Like and Share Plugins and Affiliate Links.
Affiliate links are available on the portal for some income which will use to make portal better. We are using links from Amazon and Flipkart currently. Adsense program is also applied. When it will generate any income, we wil also use that in the evolution of portal. Enjoy Rent and Food Services