Best Tiffin Centers in Jodhpur

Blogger Name: Mitesh Sharma
Date & Time: 16January2020 & 04:00 PM

Best-Tiffin-Centers-Jodhpur-Jervice Food is a great problem if you are living outside of your home for study, job and business. Every one doesn’t know how to make food and it also takes your lots of time and energy. Food from fast food centers, restaurants and hotels are too much spicy and costly. It is not for daily routine. Tiffin service is the right alternate for this problem. Many tiffin centers are providing food services for everyone who wants home food. These centers give home made foods which are light, digestive and not too much spicy. You just focus on your study and work, leave all food related job on these tiffin services. They will really maintain all standards like hygiene kitchen, clean tiffin box, healthy food, pure water, good grains, oil and vegetables and most important proper delivery time.

Best Tiffin Centers in Jodhpur
(Alphabetic Order)
1. Balaji Tiffin Service (Paota)
2. Balaji Tiffin Service (Manak Chowk)
3. Bhagyashree Tiffin Service (Sardarpura)
4. Borana Tiffin Service (Ratanada)
5. Govind Tiffin Service (Sardarpura)
6. Jatin Tiffin Service (CHB)
7. Khatri Food Box (CHB)
8. Madhu Tiffin Service (Pal Road)
9. Manish Tiffin Service (Masuriya)
10. Nagori PG Food Service (Milkman Colony)

11. Neha Tiffin Service (Pratap Nagar)
12. Nirmala Tiffin Service (Sardarpura)
13. Palak Tiffin Service (Sardarpura)
14. Prajapat Tiffin Service (Kudi Housing Board)
15. Radhe Tiffin Service (Chandpole)
16. Rajpurohit Tiffin Service (Jalori Gate)
17. Ram Tiffin Service (Pal Road)
18. Rasoi Chef Tiffins (Chopasani Road)
19. Saini Tiffin Service (Sardarpura)
20. Satguru Tiffin Service (Ratanada)
21. Shree Tiffin Service (Kudi Housing Board)
22. Shri Sai Tiffin Service (Kamla Nehru Nagar)
23. Vikas Tiffin Service (New Power House Road)

Tiffin centers in Jodhpur provide Home made Chapattis, Dal, Curry, Rice, Salad, Curd, Papad are the main course of tiffin box. A set of 3-4 box in tiffin are available on a good cheap price. Home delivery is also available in the town. Everyday you will get different curry (Sabji) with home made taste. Some centers give special treat on Sunday with different food like Kheer, Sweets, Curry and Kabuli etc. These tiffin centers provide lunch and dinner at the proper time at your home. So you will enjoy hot meal at your home and get a feeling of Mom’s hand food at outside of your home.

1. Chapattis
2. Curd
3. Curry (Sabji)
4. Dal
5. Kheer
6. Papad
6. Pickle (Achaar)
8. Rice
9. Salad
10. Sweets