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Best Sweets in Jodhpur

Blogger Name: Mamta Sharma
Date & Time: 19July2019 & 05:00 PM

Sweets Jodhpur Jervice Jodhpur is best destination for sweets. If you are a great sweets lover then it is your desired destination to try different types of sweets. Their is a theory in jodhpur that "A meal is incomplete without sweets". Jodhpur people do not wait for functions, festivals, events or birthdays for sweets. They simply go to shop and bring sweets to have any time. You may see a sweet box in any house of jodhpur anytime. Lots of sweets are availabe in the market. Famous sweets are Ghevar, Gulabjamun, Bundi Ke Ladoo, Motichoor Ke Ladoo, Besan Ki Chakki, Chuntiya Ki Chakki, Mave Ki Chakki, Kajukatli, Kalakand and many more. Besides that lots of bengali sweets are also availabe in jodhpur like Rasgulla, Malairoll, Indrani, Rasmalai and many more. It is world famous and it spread a sweet flavour to all over the world. It shows in the language of the Jodhpur people. They are very sweet in talk and very helpful to everyone. We have found some great jodhpur sweets for all of you. Let's enjoy.

(Alphabetic Order)
Besan Ki Chakki:
Besan Ki Chakki Jodhpur Jervice
Bundi Ke Ladoo:
Bundi Ke Ladoo Jodhpur Jervice
Ghevar Jodhpur Jervice
Gulabjamun Jodhpur Jervice
Kajukatli Jodhpur Jervice
Kale Gulabjamun
Kale Gulabjamun Jodhpur Jervice
Mave Ki Chakki
Mave Ki Chakki Jodhpur Jervice
Motichoor Ke Ladoo
Motichoor Ke Ladoo Jodhpur Jervice
Makhan Bade
Makhan Bade Jodhpur Jervice
Famous Shops: Jodhpur Sweets, Janta Misthan Bhandar, Veer Prabhu, Rawat Misthan Bhandar, Shyam Sweet Home, Mahalaxmi Misthan Bhandar, Ras Sagar and many more.