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Best Snacks in Jodhpur

Blogger Name: Mamta Sharma
Date & Time: 28April2019 & 05:00 PM

Snacks Jodhpur Jervice Jodhpur is very famous for food, snacks and sweets. Some of local snacks run very well in city and it is very popular too whole world. Mirchibada is the premium snack of Jodhpur. It is world famous and every one says that if you want to eat mirchibada then go to Jodhpur. It is available in other cities too but the taste of Jodhpuri mirchibada is unique. It is specialty of the city. Along with that lots of other sancks are also popular like Samosa, Pyaj Ki Kachori, Mogar Ki Kachori, Kofta etc. All are famous snacks of city. All of them have a different taste and shape. Some are too much spicy and some are not too much oily. Mirchibada, Kofta are too much spicy and Pyaj Ki Kachori, Samosa is too much oily. People used to have generally in a breakfast,lunch and sometime in dinner too. But in the monsoon and rainy season it is on vibe. It is very famous in students, job persons due to subsititue of breakfast. Even NRI persons demand for these snacks from the local relative persons and they will send it with the help of courier. All snacks shops are full of customers and folks enjoy all these sancks with lots of taste and fun too.

(Alphabetic Order)
Mirchibada Jodhpur Jervice

Mirchibada is a hotdog of Suncity. It is a highest selling snack of Jodhpur. It is little bit spicy. People used to have it between two piece of bread in the form of sandwitch, vadapav, burger and hotdog. It has a green chilly which is stuffed with a mixture of potato, chilly, onion etc and dipped in the batter of Gram Flour (Besan). This dipped stuffed is fried in oil and brings out when it has completely fried and crispy. Generally it can serve with tomato ketchup and green chutney. Normally it sells in a large quantity in rainy season. Every shop has a different and unique style to prepare stuff. Some are spicy, crispy and big shape. Some use boil chilly and onions. But it is a great meal in breakfast, lunch and dinner too.
Ingredients: Gram Flour, Onion, Potato, Chilly, Oil etc.
Famous Shops: Chaudhary Namkeen, Surya Namkeen, Arora Namkeen, Janta Misthan Bhandar and many more.

Samosa Jodhpur Jervice

Samosa is a very famous snack in whole India along with Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It is available in triangular cone shape. It is a mixture of potato, chilly, peas, onion with stuffing of flour known as Maida Flour. It is generally serve hot with the tomato sauce and any chutney. It is not too much spicy. Some shopkeeper serves a cashew nut in samosa like Surya Samosa etc. Some shopkeepers serve it with Kadi (a kind of curry) and chutney. It is little bit oily so if you go for it then it is my advice that please soak the oil from the clean paper before have it.
Ingredients: Flour(Maida), Potato, Oniion, Cashew Nut, Peas, Chilly etc.
Famous Shops: Surya Namkeen, Sahi Samosa, Arora Namkeen, Rawat Misthan Bhandar and many more.

Pyaj Ki Kachori Jodhpur Jervice

Pyaj Ki Kachori (Onion Kachori)
Pyaj ki Kachori is a very famous sanck in Jodhpur. It is a heavy stuff which is an equal to proper meal. Pyaj Ki Kachori is made with filling of onion, gram flour, chilli and many spices (Masala) and outer stuffing of flour (Maida Flour). It is very oily so please soak it with some pater before having. It is generally served with kadi, chutney and bread too. Some like to have it with curd and masala like Dahi Bada. Some person take it with bread so it play the role of complete breakfast and lunch too.
Ingredients: Flour(Maida), Gram Flour, Oniion, Cashew Nut, Chilly, Oil etc.
Famous Shops: Janta Misthan Bhandar, Surya Namkeen, Arora Namkeen, Jodhpur Sweets, Shyam Sweet Home etc.

Mogar Ki Kachori Jodhpur Jervice

Mogar Ki Kachori
It is a small size kachori with a filling of mogar dal. It is also very popular snack in Jodhpur. It is a mixture of mogar dal, coriander, sonf and many spices. It is stuffed with flour (Maida Flour) and fried in oil. It is served with chutney and souce. Lots of people like it much more than Pyaj Ki Kachori. It have a good taste too. It is availabe almost all shops in Jodhpur but some shops don't make it. But it is good light weight snacks from jodhpur.
Ingredients: Flour(Maida), Mogar Dal, Chilly, Oil etc.
Famous Shops: Janta Misthan Bhandar, Rambharose Namkeen, Arora Namkeen, Shyam Sweet Home and many more.

Kofta Jodhpur Jervice

Kofta is round shape snack. It is very spicy. It’s a combination of gram flour stuffing and a mixture filling of onion, chilly, potato, coriander etc. It is fried in oil up to crisp. It is served hot with some chutney and tomato sauce. It is very tasty and very good option with bread too. It is a kind of mirchibada without piece of green chilly (Green Peeper). Almost stuff is same as mirchibada but it is in round shape and mirchibada is in cylindrical shape.
Ingredients: Gram Flour, Potato, Onion, Peas, Chilly, Oil etc.
Famous Shops: Janta Misthan Bhandar, Arora Namkeen, Choudhary Namkeen, Shyam Sweet Home and many more.