Best Restaurant in Jodhpur

Blogger Name: Mitesh Sharma
Date & Time: 14December2019 & 04:00 PM

Best-Restaurant-Jodhpur-Jervice Jodhpur is very famous for food. Every local person is fond of food. Restaurant in Jodhpur offers many dishes to their customers with great taste and fine service. All types of food will be served by restaurants like Traditional food, Marwari food, South Indian food, Fast food, Chinese food, Snacks, Soups and many more. Lots of famous Marwari dishes are worldwide famous like Dal Bati Churma, Bajri Ka Sogra, Dahi Ki Kadi, Ker Sangri Ki Sabji, Karri Gunda Ka Achaar, Rabori Ki Sabji, Badiyo Ki Sabji, Lashan Ki Chatni, Gatte Ki Sabji and many more. Jodhpur has different varieties of restaurants and services like Regular, Roof Top, Buffet, Thali system, Open system and many more. Some are modern and some are traditional but all have one similarity is taste of food. Food is superb in taste and service is also very best. Local people and tourist love food of Jodhpur restaurant. All are full with customers specially in weekend. Now these restaurants are giving online services with the help of online companies like Zomato and Swiggy. Every year tourists visit Jodhpur from many countries and get in love with the food of Jodhpur.

Some famous restaurant of Jodhpur is following:
(Alphabetic Order)
1. Fun and Food (Sardarpura)
2. Gypsy (Sardarpura)
3. Hari Vedas (Sardarpura)
4. Jungle Bookh (Sardarpura)
5. Kissan Hotel (Sardarpura)
6. Maurya (Sardarpura)
7. Raj Alphar (Jalori Gate)
8. Shaadar (Jalori Gate)
9. Spicy Kitchen (Pal Road)
10. Vijay Restaurant (Katla Bazaar)

Many types of dishes and curries are famous in Jodhpur. Dry fruits, Haldi and Paneer oriented dishes are worthy and pricey. Jodhpur restaurant are serving best food with hygine enviornment and good service. All type of food is made with fresh water, vegetable, flour and clean utensils. These restaurants never compromise with quality and this is the best thing about them. This quality attracts folks to come in restaurant and enjoy world class food with lots of taste and love. Tourist like the food, service, love in Jodhpur & they will spread it which will attract more tourist.

Famous Marwari Dishes and Curries:
1. Badiyo Ki Sabji
2. Bajri Ka Sogra
3. Dahi Ki Kadi
4. Dal Bati Choorma
5. Gatte Ki Sabji
6. Karri Gunda Ka Achaar
7. Ker Sangri Ki Sabji
8. Lashan Ki Chatni
9. Mirchi Ki Chatni
10. Rabori Ki Sabji

Famous Snacks, Fast Food & Indian Cuisine:
1. Burger and Pizza
2. Gulab Jamun Curry
3. Haldi Ki Sabji
4. Idli and Sambhar Bada
5. Kaju Dakh Curry
6. Malai Kofta Curry
7. Masala and Rawa Dosa
8. Paneer Tikka
9. Sahi Paneer Curry
10. Sandwich