Best Open Roof Cafe and Restaurant in Jodhpur

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Date & Time: 09January2019 & 04:00 PM

Best-Open-Roof-Cafe-Restaurant-Jodhpur-Jervice A beautiful view of city with a great tasty food under the sky is a great delight for anyone. Open Roof Cafe and Restaurant are awesome places to see beautiful heritage site of city along with drinks, snacks and food. It is run on the roof of the building. Customer enjoys drinks and food under the open sky. It gives natural air and fragrance of city. Food gives delicious taste with the lovely music and drinks. You see the beauty of your city from the roof top with your friends and family. Many memories recall when you see any site from the terrace. It brings you in nostalgia. Jodhpur has many roof top café and restaurant specially near to Toorji Ka Jhalara. It is situated at the foothills of Mehrangarh fort. It is very famous tourist place and thousands of tourists come every year. Many guest houses are also located in this place. Number of open roof cafe and restaurant serves drink and food on the terrace and you get the opportunity to see beauty of Mehrangarh Fort and Suncity.

Open Roof Cafe and Restaurant in Jodhpur
(Alphabetic Order)

Address: Toorji Ka Jhalra, Makrana Mohalla
Mobile: +91 9269306447

Address: Toorji Ka Jhalra, Makrana Mohalla
Mobile: +91 9166881127, +91 9783099302
Address: Toorji Ka Jhalra, Makrana Mohalla
Mobile: +91 9166881127, +91 9782370765

Local people also go roof top cafe to enjoy weekends. Coffee, drinks, food, good service and beauty of Bluecity makes you satisfied. Many hotels have also roof top restaurant in the city. They will provide candle dinner facility too. It is a good new dine culture with a complete freshness and fragrance of city. Many college students come with friends and make a party to enjoy life and fun with groups. Many celebrate birthday parties on that roof top site with music and dance. It is very famous in local persons and tourists.

Drinks, Snacks and Food
1. Burger
2. Coffee
3. Idli
4. Masala and Rawa Dosa
5. Paneer Tikka
6. Pizza
7. Sambhar Bada
8. Sandwich
9. Soft Drink
10. Tea