Best Gym in Jodhpur

Blogger Name: Mitesh Sharma
Date & Time: 17December2019 & 04:00 PM

Best-Gym-Jodhpur-Jervice Gym is very trending now days. Everyone wants to be fit in this current modern generation. Six Pack is a new mantra. A decade before many wrestling zone (Khusti Akahda in Hindi) existed in city but there were not too gym. But now things have changed, Jodhpur has lots of modern gym with all modern machines and equipment’s. These centers offer many kind of program with reasonable fees. Even some big centers accept payment in EMI mode. These centers participate in many body building championships and promote their wrestlers on very high competition level.

Some famous gym of Jodhpur:
(Alphabetic Order)

1. Dynamic Gym (Kamla Nehru Nagar)
2. Fitness Point The Gym (CHB)
3. Gold Gym (Pratap Nagar)
4. In Shape Gym (Pratap Nagar)
5. Power Club (CHB)
6. Rishi Health Club (CHB)
7. Suncity Gym (Azad Hind Market)
8. Talwalkar Gym (Sardarpura)
9. The Gym Box (Bombay Motor Circle)
10. Ultimate Fitness Gym (Kamla Nehru Nagar)
11. VShape Fitness Gym (Pal Road)

Bollywood movies also show great impact on youth for fitness & six pack abs. Health is Wealth is very famous term from many years & it is absolutely true. Many body builders, athletes, cricketers, actors are completely focused on fitness. Many types of exercise are trending in gym zone like muscle exercise, chest exercise, waist exercise, regular exercise & many more. Many gym are very popular in Jodhpur & still promoting body building, fitness with a great message to become fit & healthy. It is also very necessary in this fast routine with hard work & unbalanced diet.

Equipments & Machines:
1. Calf Machine
2. Crunch
3. Decline Bench
4. Dumb Bells
5. Flat Bench
6. Hammer Strength Machine
7. Kettle Bells
8. Leg Press
9. Pull Up Bar
10. Treadmill

Gym Excercise:
1. Bench Press
2. Biceps
3. Chest Fly
4. Deadlift
5. Leg Press
6. Pull Up
7. Push Up
8. Shoulder Fly
9. Shoulder Press
10. Triceps