Best Doctor in Jodhpur

Blogger Name: Mitesh Sharma
Date & Time: 27December2019 & 04:00 PM

Best-Doctor-Jodhpur-Jervice Doctor is a god on earth. Doctor is a person who can save a patient from any disease. Doctors do operation and surgery to give a new birth to any patient. Doctor is a very responsible job on planet. NEET-UG and MBBS is required to become a doctor. Diagnose to find a right disease is a most critical job because all further prescription and operation is depends on one particular decision. Right decision makes patient fine but wrong decision makes things worst. This accuracy comes from study, practice and experience. Jodhpur has many experienced doctors who are serving city and surrounding patients very carefully and make them free from any disease. Physician is the first post of any MBBS doctor. Physician can handle any general disease like fever, cold, infection, small pox etc.

Best Doctor in Jodhpur:
(Alphabetic Order)

1. Dr. Abhishek Tater
2. Dr. Ajit Kothari (Shubham Hospital)
3. Dr. Bina Goel (Kamla Nagar Hospital)
4. Dr. Dinesh Kothari
5. Dr. J. C. Maloo (Manidhari Hospital)
6. Dr. Kirti Gaur
7. Dr. Mohan Tater
8. Dr. Prakash Ranka
9. Dr. Pradeep Jain
10. Dr. Ram Goel (Kamla Nagar Hospital)
11. Dr. Rajiv Khullar
12. Dr. Renu Makwana
13. Dr. Sanjeev Desai
14. Dr. Sunil Dadich
15. Dr. Surendra Agarwal

Types of doctors are available in the medical field like human doctor, nonhuman doctor (veterinary doctor), dentist etc. Veterinary doctor serves animals. Dentist cares your oral health. They will do MS and MD to get specialization in any particular field like heart, eye, medicine etc. Doctors who are serving for any specific field are known as different names like Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Pediatrician and many more. Jodhpur has many doctors and surgeons who are doing practice in the city and cure the patient. They are doing job in government and private hospitals. Many doctors run their own clinic and hospital. They all do their duty by heart to cure patient and make city disease free.

Type of Doctor
1. Allergists
2. Anesthesiologists
3. Cardiologist
4. Dermatologist
5. Gastroenterologist
6. Gynecologist
7. Hematologist
8. Internist
9. Nephrologist
10. Neurologist

Type of Doctor
11. Oncologist
12. Ophthalmologist
13. Pathologist
14. Pediatrician
15. Physicians
16. Psychiatrist
17. Radiologist
18. Rheumatologist
19. Surgeons
20. Urologist