Best Railway-Bank-REET-SSC-Teacher-SI Coaching Classes in Jodhpur

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Date & Time: 23April2019 & 05:00 PM

Coaching Classes Jodhpur Jervice Government Jobs are available in many sector nowdays. But due to improper guidance and uncompetitive preparations, so many students don't get success. This is the drawback for every student with waste of time and money too. But if student prepare with the proper guidance and good competition spirit then he/she will defenetaly get success and job too. In this case the role of coaching classes are very much important in the life of students. All these classes have a good faculty team and great bank of study material which will help students to make goals for exams with discipline and focus. They give good teachin along with exam oriented material for study. Classes take revisions and tests weekly to check the preprations of students. We are trying to find out some Best Coaching Classes in Jodhpur for all of you which are following:

(Alphabetic Order)
Chanakya Classes Jodhpur Jervice

Chanakya Classes:
Chanakya is the leading Coaching Classes for every government exams. Manveer Singh Beniwal (RAS) is the Director and has been running from year 2000. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Institute. It is located at Ratanada, Jodhpur. It is the leading institute in competition exams like Railway, Bank, SSC, Teacher, Patwari, Constable, LDC etc. The leading faculty of Chanakya Classes is the main advantage for students and they give a higher attention to discipline in Chanakya Classes which shows in results. They give study material of every course to students and take multiple revisions of every exam. Lots of students has been selected from the Chanakya in various government exams. Study Material like Books, Bag and Uniform are given by Chanakya Classes. Regular classes and Weekly OMR Test are the key points of Chanakya Classes.
Exam Category: IAS, RAS, Railway, Bank, SSC, Teacher, Patwari, LDC, IA
Main Office: 4th Floor, Mangal Tower, Opp. Bishnoi Dharamshala, Bhati Circle, Ratanada, Jodhpur
Mobile: 9414147700

Deora Concept Jodhpur Jervice

Deora Concept:
Deora Concept is an coaching institute has been running from year 2016. Ashok Deora is the Director and main faculty of Maths and Reasoning. It is located at Ratanada, Jodhpur. It gives the coaching of various government exams like Bank, LDC, SI, Gram Sevak, Railway, SSC etc. They take regular classes of every course in both theoretical and practical way. It makes student confident and he/she will face an exam very bravely and achieve success. Revisions and exams are taken by Deora Concept regularly so they can examine students performance according to their performance. Study Material like Bag, Uniform and Books are given by Deora Concept.
Exam Category: Bank, SI, Railway, SSC
Main Office: Opp.Jodhpur Sweet Corner, Ratanada, Jodhpur
Mobile: 9887262121, 9571540554
Facebook: Deora Concept Jodhpur

Grade Up Jodhpur Jervice

Grade Up Defence Academy:
Grade Up is founded by Preeti Mam (Director) and Mayur Sir (M.D.). Both of them have been teaching in coaching classes from last 11 years. They are the main faculty of the Academy. It is situated in Ratanada, Jodhpur. GradeUp Classes has always a goal oriented approach. They give a great direction to students with the combination of Theoretical classes and Physical practice session. They always try to boast passion in their students which will make them focused. It focuses on all competitive exams like Bank, Railway, SSC, SI, Police, Patwar, LDC etc. They are running a Youtube Channel for preparations of studets. English, Reasoning, GK, Maths, Physics are the main subjects and they are teached by the Preeti Mam, Mayur Sir, Satish Sir etc. Study Material like Books, Bag and Uniform are given by Grade Up. All the books are written by Grade Up team. Hostel facility is also available for outsiders. There is a library for reading and learning. Smart Computer Lab is there for online exams preparations.
Exam Category: Airforce, NAVY, SSC, Bank, Railway, LDC, Police
Main Office: Railway, Police, LDC, Patwar
Youtube Channel: Grade Up Defence Academy
Mobile: 9982960409, 7239862140

Gyan Vihar Classes Jodhpur Jervice

Gyan Vihar Classes:
Gyan Vihar Classes is a famous institute in SSC, Bank, Railway, Police and many more exams. Ravi Sir is the director of classes. It is located at Paota and Ratanada. They generate revolution in the field of learning. Experienced team of faculties teach students in a focused and goal oriented way. Different methods of teaching are the main key of Gyan Vihar Classes which shows in the success of students. Many Inspector Posts like SI, ASI has been selected from Gyan Vihar Classes. They have published their own books on Maths, English, GK and many more by their faculties like Dinesh Sir, Ravi Sir, Satish Sir and KP Sir. Students have got the main topics for exams which is very useful for examinations. Proper discipline and regular studies are the success of Gyan Vihar.
Exam Category:SSC, Bank, Railway, LDC, Police
Main Office: Govardhan Tower, Near Rajasthan Patrika Office, Manji Ka Hatha, Paoto, Jodhpur
Branch Office: Opp. Bishnoi Dharamshala, Ratanada, Jodhpur
Mobile: 9309309596, 9309004700
Facebook: gyanviharclasses

Kautilya Classes Jodhpur Jervice

Kautilya Classes:
Kautilya Classes is a dedicated institute to Railway. It is situated in Ratanada, Jodhpur. It is running by Er. Mahendra Pindel Sir. He is an experienced teacher of Maths. He is a famous faculty of Railway Loco Pilot. All the technical streams like Electrician, Electronic Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Fitter and Heat Engine Mechanic, Engineering Drawings, Basic Science batches are continously running in classes. Maximum number of selections are given by Kautilya Classes. Highly experienced Pindel Sir and his truely dedicated experienced team teach students with great attention and focus. Revisions and Weekly exams are always taken by classes. It have a main office in Ratanada and branch office in Paota. Seperate batches for every exams are running to make a healthy educational enviornment in Kautilya Classes. He is running a Youtube Channel for students to prepare for exams. Study Material like Bag, Books and Uniform are given by Classes.
Exam Category: Railway, BSTC, Loco Pilot, Police
Main Office: Bhaskar Circle, Ratanada, Jodhpur
Branch Office: Near Bank of Baroda, Manji Ka Hatha, Paota, Jodhpur
Youtube Channel: Kautilya Classes
Mobile: 9413991934

Meera Institute Jodhpur Jervice

Meera Institute:
Meera Institute is a great place to prepare for Patwar, Gramsevak, SSC, LDC, Teacher and many more. It is situated in Manji Ka Hatha, Paota. It has been running by Master Bhanwar Lal from 2018. Dedicated faculties and study structure is the key point of Meera Institute. Great system of learning through an exam pattern structure makes their student confident and prepared for their goal. Weekly revisions and tests are taken by institute to check the progress of students. Give proper attention to every students with discipline and dedication. They have a library for their students called Max Read Library which is always open for everyone. Study Material like Bag, Books and Uniform are given by Institute.
Exam Category: SSC, Patwar, Gramsevak, Teacher, LDC, KVS, DSSSB
Main Office: Max Read Library, Near Raj. Patrika Off., Manji Ka Hatha, Paota, Jodhpur
Mobile: 8124402940

PACE Jodhpur Jervice

PACE (Pioneer Academy for Competitive Exams):
PACE is a great coaching classes which is known as Pioneer Academy for Competitive Exams. It is situated at Bhati Circle, Ratanada. Ravi Sir is the main faculty. He and his team teach students with a great determination and attention. They make students confident and expert so they can easily clear any exams and hurdles. All main competitive exams like Railway, Bank, SSC, SI etc are available in classes. English, Maths and Reasoning are the main subjects at PACE. They cover both practical and theoretical section of every course. Revisions is mandatory on PACE. The main goal of PACE is to make students confident and successful. He and his team always motivate their students to get success in career and life. Ravi Sir runs a Youtube Channel for students to learn english and many more.
Exam Category: Railway, Bank, SSC
Main Office: PACE, Bhati Circle, Ratanada, Jodhpur
Youtube Channel: English by Ravi Morya
Mobile: 9636343600

Paritosh Jodhpur Jervice

Parithosh Pratiyogi Sansthan:
Paritosh Pratiyogi Sansthan is a leading coaching classes in Basni, Jodhpur. Major Competition Classes are situated in Ratanada and Paota, but it is in Basni which is great for students near to this place. Lots of travel and time they can save to join that institute with a very affordable fees structure. Good study pattern with great competitive skills are a main fundamental of Sansthan. Puneet Sharma is a founder of Parithosh Pratiyogi Sansthan. A dedicated and qualified team of faculties teach students for their exams. Competitive exams like Railway, REET, Constable, Patwar and many more are available in the Sansthan. Weekly Test Series are running by the team to prepare their students for exams. Study Material like Books, Bag and Uniform are given by Sansthan.
Exam Category: Railway, REET, SI, Constable, Teacher, SSC, Patwar, Gramsevak
Main Office: M. R. Travels, Mandi Mod, Basni Jodhpur
Mobile: 9660014285

Prudence Jodhpur Jervice

Prudence Coaching Centre:
Prudence Coaching Centre is a great coaching classes for every exams like Railway, Bank, SSC, Patwar and many more. It is running by Rakesh Yadav Sir. He is from New Delhi. Prudence has maore than 180 branches in India. Prudence is a classes who prepares students combinely for PRE and MAINS. Goal oriented study is a fundamental of Prudence. Helthy enviornment of study and discipline manner of learning are always available in the Prudence. Great faculty of Classes are the main feature of Prudence. Books, Bag and Uniform are given by centre. Weekly exams and revision are taken by faculties. Great study material is given by centre for preparations. It has a two branch in Jodhpur, first is in Paota and second in Pal Link Road.
Exam Category: Railway, Bank, SSC, Teacher, Patwar
Main Office: 135, Madan Mohan Tower, Manji Ka Hatha, Jodhpur
Branch Office: 439, Pal Link Road, Opp. Kamla Nagar Hospital, Jodhpur
Mobile:0291-2981535, 8083555111

Rajasthan Classes Jodhpur Jervice

Rajasthan Classes:
Rajasthan Classes is situated in Paota. It is founded by Jitendra Singh Chouhan. He is a G.K. expert. He is a writter of Maru Janpad. He is a prime faculty of classes. All the major competition exams like SI, Constable, Teacher, SSC, Railway, Bank and many more are available in the classes. A great experienced and qualified faculty team teach to student in the centre. Great success and happy students are the result of classes. Goal oriented study courses are driven by classes to achieve success for their students. A freshness of education pattern is the primary key of classes. Jitendra Sir always motivate their students to get good results in exams and secure a good job. Study Material like Books, Bag and Uniform are given by classes.
Exam Category: SI, Constable, Teacher, SSC, Railway, Bank, Patwar, Gramsevak
Main Office: Sabu Complex, Near Suncity Hospital, Jodhpur
Mobile: 7220093537, 8619103651

Satyam Classes Jodhpur Jervice

Satyam Classes:
Satyam Classes has been running by Sushil Kumar Pandey from 2012. It is located in Paota. All the major exams like SSC, Bank, REET, Patwar, Gramsevak, Constable etc are running by Satyam Classes. They have achieved a great results in terms of selections. A successful path for winning exams are given by classes. A great pattern of study by a experienced faculties are the main feature of Satyam. Discipline is always follow in classes to prepare for exams. Revisions are taken by classes weekly and give a great attention on all students. Study Material like Books, Bag and Uniform are given by Satyam Classes.
Exam Category: SSC, Bank, REET, Patwar, Teacher, Gramsevak, Constable
Main Office: Behind Suncity Hospital, Paota, Jodhpur
Mobile: 9950442003